See great pictures and thoughts, from our very own in house ideas! There maybe a few videos, lots of pictures of horses or there maybe some great pictures from our friends! We hope you enjoy them.....All Horsey Gifts



This is our very own little shetland cross mare. A cheeky little girl who loves attention and is an amazing first pony. We were lucky to find her from her old owner who lives just half a mile away. We think she should start cleaning her teeth!


Our two little ponies, love running around and having fun, and when they think they are going to be ridden, they run the other way. Why is it that ponies can tell whether you are going to see them with food, or going to fetch them for riding. I love their cheeky little faces.

 The three All Horsey boys, waiting for their food.

Henry (the first in the line) has a funny white face that goes right under his chin. This is known as Sabino, basically his father was a coloured, he is bay over the rest of his body, but has mainly white legs. Its quite a striking different colour. He is the most loving horse that I have ever met, and always comes over to have a cuddle or an itch. Sometimes I think that he would come into our house and watch TV with us quite happily. He isn't phased by much, but gets a bit scared sometimes, so needs reassurance from his rider. I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle in May, when he turns 5.


Gorgeous horse shoe hearts that we have made by our very own farrier for you to enjoy. Made from recycled horses shoes, they are great for special presents, each one different from the next.

Gorgeous Horse Shoe Heart

New girl Sumi ihas settled in well with the group. Standing at 15.3hh she towers over our little 11hh ponies, yet Henry the warmblood towers over her!  He is going to be a rather tall boy me thinks.

Who keeps their apple cores for their horses! Oh yes I do!! Guilty!! Bet I'm not alone either... Us horsey people are always thinking of our four legged friends!!!






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