Its not over til its over with horses January 10, 2016 18:56

If you have been reading my blog, about the ups and downs of owning and riding a youngster, and having a severe panic attack time too, then read on......... and so the next day after my mega falling out with the saddle, and feeling battered and bruised,  Henry horse is tacked up and lead to the school where Victoria is waiting to 'sort him out'! She explains that it is highly likely that Henry will try the same thing again now, and maybe for a few times before it is erased out of his brain! She mounts and he takes a few steps before he indeed tries it on again, in a bronc stylee, but Victoria was waiting for it and using a one rein stop type of movement, brings Henry easily under control. Once he has calmed down, he continues to school nicely with Victoria, and at the end of the session I am happy! 

I get Victoria to come out again for the next couple of days, and surprisingly although he could have misbehaved, he actually didn't bother! Day 4 and I have to get on, so I lunge him for a good while, and tentatively mount! I don't know who is shaking more, me or him, but I somehow get over this, and manage to trot him round the school, keeping him busy by rein change, transitions and lots of deep breathing.

Phew.. I get off feeling accomplished, although still along way to go, I got over another big problem!! And so Henry and I start to make a team. I lunge him daily before getting on, with dad holding him, and then I work him, or hack out with my friend. 

As time passes, I manage to corner him by the steps, give him a handful of food then get on, while he chomps away, all on my own!! And I even managed to ride round to my friends on the way out for a hack. The confidence increases, and although I can;t say that its conquered, I can say that its now under control and I am enjoying riding the big lad.  

As summer ends and its time for Henry to have a rest, we even manage to have a lesson in jumping, its by no way perfect, but its a great place to finish. I am over the moon with the chap, and hang up my boots for the winter. Until next year.........