Henrys into week 2 of breaking in! March 15, 2015 20:38

After his Sunday day of rest Henry leaps into week two of his training. Victoria starts to get him long reining, in the small pen (a fenced off smaller area than a manege, ideal for young horses to learn the ropes before going in the large area of a manege), which encourages him to learn the art of steering. Also he is introduced to his saddle. Around the middle of the week I am surprised to receive a picture of Victoria sat on Henry in the stable!!! Apparently he was feed copious amounts of polo's, while she sat quietly on him! and he didn't bat an eyelid! 

Feeling inspired I pop over and watch the next night, as Henry is walked and trotted around the garden in long reins. Definitely getting more confident whilst going forward. As we near the end of week 2, I cant believe how this young horse has taken everything in his stride and just been such a star. His laid back, loving attitude shows through in every way possible.