Henrys First Week in his new home March 08, 2015 16:06

So the boy is at boarding School, with Victoria, and the first couple of days are for settling in. He seems to be quite happy, as I race over daily to make sure he isn't missing me to much! To my dismay, the answer is no, he is enjoying being spoilt and fed, and has made friends with the resident pet, a small shetland, who tends to Nanny the babies.

So we get to day 3 of the first week and its time to get started. Henry is introduced to a mouthing bit with keys on, so he can play with it in his mouth. Also a roller with a saddle cloth underneath. He doesn't mind the roller, but does not like the metal thing in his mouth, so he is left in his stable for a while, tacked up, before he is then worked. This continues for the rest of the week.

So while he is getting used to the bridle and roller, he has also started being taught how to lunge. Its a more is less type of thing, he doesn't need much work or his brain will become overloaded. So he is lunged for a small amount of time once and sometimes twice a day, to get him used to voice and commands. 

Although a bit slow and almost lazy, he does pick this up fairly quickly and then all to soon its Sunday and time for a rest! I can't believe a week has already gone!

So I pop over to see him on his day off...and he tries to come home with me! aw....think he misses me after all.