New Gifts at All Horsey Gifts October 19, 2017 16:59

We have been looking for some super brand new items to add to the wonderful collection we already offer. Lets introduce a few of them to you..
Meet our girly cosmetic/pencil case and mirror. Ideal gift for young and old alike a sweet pony and a delightfully bright unicorn!
These brand new egg cups in the shape of feed buckets with a pony on each, come in a set of four, and will sit superbly in any home, from the more rustic to the brand new. What do you think? we love these...
Keeping inside the kitchen, these lovely horsey salt and pepper pots sand proud on the kitchen table.
We have also added some special new horsey  jewellery to our range, all great prices 
Can you smell the biscuits? What if they were shaped as a horse, add the saddle and bridle with some icing and you have your very own horsey biscuits!
And just in time for Christmas we have found some lovely horsey decorations, to put around the home, what more could you ask!