All Horsey Christmas Gifts Guide for Horse Gifts October 27, 2016 07:14

Can you believe Christmas is coming around again? How does it happen so quickly, only 5 minutes ago I was looking forward to the summer months, where we could enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the lovely flowers in the garden, and almost in a flash, its gone, the nights are drawing in, and the heating is on! Boo.. I do enjoy the summer, I love the fact that days last longer, exercising the horses is enjoyable with out having to worry about mucking out stables, (my horses enjoy as simple life as I can offer them), I prefer letting them roam around with out rugs in the summer months, where they can enjoy the sun, and not have the hassle of any thing on their backs. But now its back to the cold winter dark nights, mud everywhere and getting up in the dark oh joys of living in the English climate. 

Christmas however close, is still very exciting for most, the atmosphere, and build up to the 25th December is a lovely time of year.

Are you the shopper who starts early and has everything done by the time its the 1st of December? or are you a last minute type, who panic and whizz around buying presents on Christmas Eve? 

Whichever you are, we at All Horsey stock a great selection of ever increasing horse gift ideas, that you can consider for your horsey friend or family member for Christmas.

Here are some ideas from the All Horsey Gifts Stable 


The All Horsey Gifts Christmas 2016


Snaffle Bags,Purses and Wallets

Beautifully crafted leather or leather and  tweed bag, with a snaffle bit design. We also stock mens leather wallets if you need a horsey gift for the male in the family. 

Leather Bag with Snaffle Design

Equestrian Jewellery 

Gorgeous Horse Necklaces for any equestrian lover, from horse shoes to snaffle bits, there really is a choice for every horsey girl. We love horse gifts.


Thelwell Pony Gifts

What a great present for any person who loves the Great British Thelwell brand!

Our super 2017 calendars are flying off the shelves we can't keep up with demand, and we now have some super slim diarys from the Thelwell range to compliment our gifts.

Horse Mugs are a must at Christmas 

Dont be a mug. Our great selection of humorous horse mugs are not only funny but also practical, and dishwasher safe, fancy a cuppa?


Bespoke Horse Gifts

we stock super personalised keyrings, and horse shoe hearts made by a farrier, if you fancy giving a horsey present that is a bit different to the norm.