Welcome in 2015 the All Horsey Way January 06, 2015 00:00

Wow 2015 has arrived, and its time to say out with the old and in with the new!

All Horsey has a brand new website! I am very excited about this new design, stylish and easy to use, I think that it is exactly how I wanted the first version of All Horsey to look, but its taken experience and time to get here!    

So what have All Horsey got planned for 2015? well we are looking at furthering our products range, in many different directions. We are planning on producing a new range of products, only available from All Horsey, there are local shows to attend with our tradestand, we will be going out on the show circuit with the baby of the team Alexis Grove and her pony Sam for fun, and as well as all that, I myself have a baby warmblood who has come of age, and we will be following my progress over the summer months! eeek...  

Its all sounding extra busy already, hopefully we will be able to come to the surface and breathe soon!  So Happy New Year to all our lovely customers, new and old, and we hope your 2015 is going to be as busy and exciting as ours!