Horses and Gymnastics May 15, 2016 07:56

If your a horsey person, from a young age its been drummed into you that horses need to be worked equally on both reins, ie left and right, or their brain doesn't automatically remember what is expected both ways.

Interestingly this is in fact exactly the same as humans, I have found out.

My daughter who recently started gymnastics, has found the same issues, like splits with right leg at the front is easy, where as splits with left leg is a lot harder, in fact the same goes for almost any of her gymnastic moves.

My favourite has to be the cartwheel, easily learnt starting on one leg, but if you ask the gymnast to perform it starting on the opposite leg, its funny to watch, and this takes a lot more time and effort to learn.

So there is method in the madness of training horses the same skill on both reins, and indeed for ourselves the riders to learn as well.

Following on from this, horses and gymnastics come together in an Olympic sport called vaulting. If you havn't witnessed this before, its a fantastic sport to watch, with a horse cantering in a circle while, very flexible and athletic sports men and women, basically do gymnastics on, off and around the horse. I found it amazing.