Horses in the Garden and Home May 30, 2016 20:55

As the sun starts to shine in England again, (well we hope!!), its time to get out and enjoy the outside, and more importantly the garden. I love the outside, especially enjoying the summer months where I can ride my sweet horse around the fields, enjoying the quiet of the countryside, and the lifestyles of nature, probably with a gnat or fly missing my nose or mouth by a few centimetres, and on the odd occasion eating said fly. yuk!! 

home and garden in mind, and perhaps even the odd fathers day present in there too. Brand new, quality, totally fantastic, and hand made in England, the perfect combination.

So I am really excited to show off our latest offering from All Horsey Gifts, with the

So the first piece that should definitely be in your garden to brighten up your life is the horsey hanging basket bracket, available in two stunning designs, attach them to your house, shed or fencing to show hang super hanging baskets full of glorious summer colour.



So gardens are meant to be chilled and relaxing hey? Well why not invest in a horsey wind chime. Featuring ponies from the UK, the wind chime features 6 different sized ponies that make mellow chime noises, when they are pushed together when the wind blows. This piece is a real eye catcher and looks just awesome hanging out in the garden.


horsey wind chime



So moving on, my next impressive piece that surely fits into any home, is the spinning horse wine holder. Holds upto 3 bottles, and spins around for easy of use. This looks amazing sat in the middle of a table, filled with white, red and rose wine, or alternatively water! What a fantastic Fathers Day present for your horsey dad!


horsey wine holder


Last but not least, from this fantastic collection, I have chosen the super horse jumping 3 hook key rack. A popular seller, and really useful to hang keys, dog leads etc, its a great piece to bring horses into the home. As well as this design we have plenty more to chose, and have just received the large coat hanging hooks in, which look stunning. 


As well as the above, the All Horsey Collection also includes, horsey toilet roll holders, flower pot holders, rosette holders, book ends, horsey towel rings, and an awesome horse door knocker. All available from in the next few weeks.

Horse Gifts for the Horse Lover