Stocks & Stock Pins & All Horsey Things April 18, 2016 16:23

 For some of us, as the weather starts to slowly get nicer, and the nights draw out, we dust off our competition riding wear and start getting the horses fit ready for the summer. Of course there are plenty fellow horsey people who enjoy competitions all year round, or those who enjoy hunting over the winter months, I personally am more of a fair weather rider now, but in my younger years I was definitely an any time rider! And as I drag my competition gear out and check it all fits, I cant find my stock pin! ..Drat!  

But did you know that the stock and stock pin were traditionally worn on the hunting field where should there be a mishap, the stock could be used as a bandage for both rider or horse.. genius!

In today's world, the stock and pin are used in almost every equestrian competition, a smart and elegant way to finish off the equestrian look. We equestrians like to look smart! Well when we are competing, maybe not so much when mucking out the stables or paddocks! 


And with that, here are my top pick stock pins from All Horsey Gifts....

 The gorgeous horse shoe stock pin. It is made for sparkle and has 6 glass stones encased around the horse shoe. Quite a large pin, measuring 3.8cm x 2.8cm, it is made from cast metal with a very shiny silver finish, it looks fantastic with any stock that you wish to add to it, and keeps on the horse theme nicely. I think its smart but sensible, without being over the top.


 My next choice of stock pins from the All Horsey Gifts range would probably be the Snaffle Bit Stock Pin, purely for the  novelty factor. I love mini versions of items, and this is one that really does look like a mini snaffle bit. Keeping on the equestrian theme again it  looks lovely with a plain or patterned stock.


Another Stock Pin that I think is just beautiful is the quaint Round Heart Faux Crystals Stock Pin. Small but perfectly formed, it looks just fantastic when worn with a smart crisp stock, gleaming in the sun. Charlotte DuJardin herself is often seen with a round stock pin to name one celeb who likes this style, and they are definitely becoming a popular shape for all horsey competitors.

 As for stocks or stock ties as they are also known, they have certainly evolved over the years, with lots more bling and style these days, also many are ready to just velcro up at the back to avoid having to tie them, which in its self is an art, and one that I wasn't so good at!

This stock is very easy to wear, velcro backed collar, and can be worn with or without a pin, the crystal stones are nicely placed to show off shine and sparkle, and the satin finish gives a luxurious look that equestrians love. A great choice.

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