Five must haves for a Horsey Girls Birthday Party March 27, 2016 09:28

Birthday parties are always a very exciting time for the kids. With lots of fun with friends, presents, cards and cake, what more could a child want?

Well if they love horses, they may crave a horsey themed party, as did my daughter on her last birthday. Although she is lucky enough to own her own very quiet pony, who was used to give pony rides to all the girls, and went down a storm, in fact the party carried on for an extra hour after, while excited little girls begged for more pony rides, and parents were happy watching their daughters trot for the first time on Dolly our four legged friend.

I also added some nice horsey touches, that would make any horsey loving girl extremely happy to have, whether they have a living pony, or cuddly toy pony at their party.

So I start my number one of five must haves with 

The horsey invite! With out guests you can't have a party, so invitations are a must! These horsey rosette invites do the job perfectly, with a pretty party design, and shaped in a rosette shape,you can write all your party details down for your guest, and get the party off on the right foot.

rosette party invitations with a horsey theme

 Second of must haves is horsey gift wrap to wrap all the presents. Trish Williams illustrated horsey gift wrap will fit in nicely with this. Her beautifully painted horses are comical, and great for wrapping up pressies for that special occasion. We also stock a nice selection of birthday cards, from various suppliers, including the fantastic Alex Clark.


 So if you have horsey invites and a horsey gift wrap surely you need horsey candles for the cake? Whether it be chocolate, strawberry, lemon or other, cakes are one of the tastiest parts of any party, and add some special horsey candles to make your childs face light up! We think these super pony party candles will do the job perfectly.


As well as all the usual horsey things above, why not include some fun trophies as gifts to games played, that can be displayed proudly on bedroom window sils, or dressing tables. All Horsey gifts stock a pack of very cute trophies which come in packs of 6, and are certainly different from the usual sweet treat winners gift.


 Last on my list would have to be a special birthday rosette for your youngster to wear. With the option of personalisation, these super rosettes are huge! and admired by all who see them. They can be worn or hung up in a bedroom, with long flowing tails to show off! Perfect for your horsey lover.



Approximately 177,000 people have their birthday on one single day in the UK, every day of the year!

Thoroughbred horses, in the Northern Hemisphere are all classed as being born on January 1st each year, even if their actual birthday is not on this date.