Five Horse Gifts for the Younger Lady February 14, 2016 10:13

What more could a special little girl who likes horses want, than something horsey for their bedroom or to wear on a special occasion. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or just as a special gift, the fact that horses are involved, will bring that special smile to their face, that is irreplaceable.

Number 1

The first beautiful piece of horsey loveliness that comes to mind is the fairy horse musical jewellery box, called Misty Hideaway. Extremely visual, bright and looking fantastic sat on top of a dressing table, or window sill. When opened it reveals a super little horse that turns as the melody plays. The small hidden drawers within the jewellery box, are great for storing special keepsakes, and jewellery. This has to be a really lovely horse gift that every little or large girl will adore and use to keep safe their special jewellery.


Number 2

Second on my list of must have girls horse gifts is one of our very popular horse t-shirts. Available in pink with the beautiful crazy horse embroidered onto the front, it is a real talking point when worn. The horses legs are easily bendable, (not fixed flat to the t-shirt) so can be moved to show the horse galloping, trotting or jumping if required, or just leave as is to give a natural horsey gait. Admired when worn, this horsey heaven piece of clothing is loved by the youngsters, and from a range of 2 - 8 years, we are confident that your little one will be living in their crazy horse t-shirt and not storing it in their wardrobe!


Number 3

Falling in at number 3 is the Thelwell Jigsaw puzzle. Kipper the pony and little rider Penelope always get into so much trouble, while on their travels, does this remind you of your childhood or child. A very well known brand, Thelwell was started in 1953 when Mr Norman Thelwell drew a pony and rider by accident! This lead to him drawing many more of the now very English Brand of horse gifts. The jigsaw has 500 pieces, so will keep your little one busy for a while.

Number 4

This has to be the super Bead Kids make your own bracelet. In various colours to suit your childs style, find all the instructions, beads, and charms you need to make up super horse bracelets to wear out and about. Show off handy work to friends, or make bracelets for friends. A great horse gift idea for a girl who enjoys a hands on approach to jewellery making.

Number 5

At number 5 we have chosen a super piece of wall art from the fantastic Alex Clark stable. Called Full Speed Ahead, this lovely print is bright, horsey, and looks fantastic on a bedroom wall. Ready for putting into a frame, with many other designs available, we think that this piece deserves a very credible 5th place in our top 5 items for horsey girls.

Ending my top 5 of super horsey ideas for the younger lady. However if you can't see what you are looking for here, its always worth a browse through the rest of our website.