The Good Old Fashion Accessory called a Scarf January 28, 2016 07:29

Scarves are one of those have to have accessories that just stay in fashion forever. But did you know the humble scarf was originally called a Mantle in Eygpt in the 12th century and is one of the oldest known pieces of clothing know to man?  The Roman's called it a Palla, the Greek's a Himation. In medieval times the ladies wore two scarves, they loved them so much!

Horse scarf

Personally I love the fact that scarves can change the whole meaning, feel, and look of an outfit, which for such a simple piece of clothing just shows what an impact the scarf has. 

So when chosing a scarf where do you start?

Well colour would be an obvious choice, along with size, weight, and what its made of, and then pattern after.

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